Sunday, November 6, 2011

Little Miss Frosty

Isn't this Little Miss Frosty get up darling?! And, it comes with the scarf, leg warmers, and essential mini top hat!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Stand Up Dress

For a long time now Grace has used the term "stand-up dress". It is a phrase she came up with and it is heard in my home every. single. day. Grace likes to wear dresses. But not just any dress, it must be a "stand-up dress" A stand up dress twirls. It passes the stand up have to be able to lift the dress so your arm is horizontal and the fabric stands up. See photo below:

This dress from Doll Up My Doll passes the stand up dress test for sure.

Oh silly Mulan. You do NOT pass the stand up dress test. You are hardly a princess.

This Slice of Heaven Dress is a pass!

Grace would welcome this Rose Garden dress from Francoise Lama-Solet Studio

and this stand up dress from Sweetie Pie Design is sweet indeed. :)

My mom and I were cracking up at Grace last week. My mom was kind enough to be offering a new dress or two from Target for Grace, and Grace would not give a second glance to one single dress. She would perform the "stand up" arm test, the dress would fail, and Grace would walk away.

Here is Grace about 2 years ago...already doing the stand-up dress check

This one passed :)