Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Time For Tots

I love having structured play time with my kids, but sometimes the crafts, reading time, and repetitive board games get old. I love these toddler kits from Time for Tots.

This early learning kit comes with 7 activities you can play again and again.

I think Dean is at the perfect age for this Color Themed Kit

 and this Beginning Letter Sound kit would be great for little miss grace!

I made one sensory tub for my kids before, and it was not near this attractive or academic. I know they would love this number sensory tub...major upgrade from mommy's version. 

 The Sweet Treats Kit would be fun on a summer day that is too hot to play outside....which is pretty much, you know, everyday.

 Everyday Math Kit

 Dean would go crazy for this Toy Story Themed Kit. It comes with 7 activities, and it is oh so cute.

You can shop the rest of these cute kits here!

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  1. Hey Jaclyn! Thanks so much for the ideas! I think it's time to go shopping! :-)