Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hats for Your Little Buddy Man

There is not a shortage of cute little man hats on etsy. I think they add such a darling touch to holiday photo shoots! I already have a hat lined up for Dean to wear in a photo session we have coming up. His is from Harp Design Co. and he is going to be quite, quite handsome.

Here are a few other cutie pie options:

Argyle Patch hat from Small Smalls
 This brown hat is cute. You can have the argyle patch or a cute star on the other side. (also from Small Smalls)
 See the cute reverse side?! 2 hats in one :)

I love this hat from Tweed Custom Designs.  Seriously, Dean might need this.

Perfect little crochet hat! I love the Fall browns. It is from The Tangled Knot. 

 This Beanie is from Portland Beanie Company and it is oh so cute!

 I have purchased from Kid in the Hat before and it is such great quality. Very well made and adorable!

See? This is my baby Dean with his Pops wearing his Kid in the Hat newsboy hat. I could die. It.does. not.get.cuter. 

ps: this military hat is on sale at baby gap right now for  $9.99. Very cute :)
Happy Shopping!