Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Little Princess Would Approve

I love the sweet dresses at Baby Gap right now.
I also love that when I am searching at gap for Grace, she is still under the babyGap link, rather than the GapKids link. She is getting so big and I am holding on to the baby while I can.
I searched and I think out of the standard gymboree, old navy, crazy 8, and baby gap; baby gap wins for this seasons holiday dresses.

 this one is my favorite out of the fancy dresses. Grace would LOVE this!
 and this one would look so great with Grace's skin tone and dark hair. Have I mentioned that I really like animal print? I do. Really.
You can find these sweet styles here!


  1. love the ruffle-y dress & i can SO see miss g in that satin "fancy" dress. it really stands up :)

  2. I LOVE them all!! I also LOVE that picture of your two beautiful children in your blog header! I am so glad you're blogging again, I have missed you and your precious family! x