Thursday, April 28, 2011

Party #1

The week of Grace's 4th birthday is here and the festivities have begun! Over the weekend we had a little party at the house for her with family. Coming up we will have a party with all her friends at a local jump place. I planned a rainbow themed party for her this year. I figured the jump place is all primary colors, so I just went with it. Rainbow it is!

Ashley gave me the idea to make lollipop centerpieces.  Hers were way cuter than mine, but these are fun and I am happy I will be able to use them at the jump party too!

              I filled a vase with skittles and added another vase of flowers. 
I had some party poms from Dean's party and my mom made me some more to complete the rainbow. I love these hanging from my chandelier. They are easy and so festive.
  here is my precious, precious girl. She was so excited, and looked mighty cute in her rainbow SheShe dress!

my friend Kelly made this fun rainbow wreath for my door. I adore this. 

                  The happy birthday girl!

and the cake...oh the cake. It was amazing! My parents ordered this from Suzy Beez and it was rainbow perfection.

It was such a fun party, and the fun is just beginning around here. Lots more pictures to come!!!


  1. Oh I just love this party! SO cute...all the rainbow stuff is adorable! That wreath is SO cute, as is the cake! And of course Grace is a doll in her dress. How fun! :)

  2. Looks like it was a great party!! Love all of the bright colors!! How do you make the pom poms?