Monday, March 21, 2011

Dean's 2nd Birthday Party

I had so much fun planning Dean's party! I might or might not have began purchasing things for it here and there 6 months in advance. I have problems people, problems.

I was inspired by a little green, orange, and blue party I saw online and I just went from there.

I got this cute door sign from my favorite party paper store, Ciao Bambino! The colors I wanted matched her jungle line, so she just made it for me without the animals.

Ciao Bambino also made these "2" birthday stickers. They were so cute and easy to stick on the serving containers and the drink cups. I also just fell in love with these cute straws, and I thought the orange and green cream sodas were fun! I pulled the orange lava lamp from Dean's room and put cutie pie pics of him on the tables.

I tried to do all green, orange, and blue food. So, we had blue m&m's, spinach wraps, cantaloupe, honey dew, goldfish, carrots, and celery! 

The party poms hanging from the chandelier make it so festive, and I love that my mom knows how to make these now! They are also on etsy at Party Poms! Bonus? I get to re-use these for Grace's upcoming birthday party!

The cake was baked by a local bakery called Suzybeez. And see those cute, colorful polka dots on there? They are fondant toppers from Kids Cakes. These are great, and inexpensive. You can choose any color combo.

                                 singing to my big boy!

            Here is the birthday boy in his sweet party shirt from She She Made
I can't believe my baby boy is 2!! I have plans to remain in denial and continue to over baby him. Yes, that is my plan. I like it.


  1. What a cute, cute party!!!! I love every little detail. And that dress that Grace is it a size 4 or 6?? If you want to resell it after she grows out of it I would love to buy it. I got Ava the matching pants in a size 6 and would love to have the dress too:) Just throwing that out there. Hope you are well!

  2. i adore this dress, and so does grace! It is a 4, and I am hoping she can wear it through fall. I will definitely let you know when she outgrows it!
    I wish I had the pants too. They sold out before I could order. tear!