Sunday, March 27, 2011

Strike a Pose

Lately my sweet Grace has been hamming it up for the camera, big time. I swear I pull the camera out and she practically breaks out into vogue.

In this shot she is cupping her hands as if she is offering me something, when she is in fact, holding nothing.
(isn't her alacrity designs shirt cute?)

                        and this is just so very Grace.

I love this sweet picture of my little parker girl

                 and the serious look off in the distance pose

and this one is my favorite! I tell her to stand still so I can take her picture, and this is what she gives me. Just look at this hand placement. I. Love. Her.
(this adorable dress is Matilda Jane and her headband is from Little Birdcage Boutique)


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my headband. Your daughter is just adorable. She sure is a natural model. I appreciate your business and support. Love Rya

  2. gracie girl! you are a pumpkin!!!
    thanks for the linky-love :)