Sunday, March 13, 2011

Personalized Easter Baskets

I have a bug to get my kids cute Easter baskets, and I am betting you don't have to guess where I went to look. :)

The etsy selection did not disappoint, and here are some of my favorites!

I love this cute pail from Swanky Baby Boutique. It is $28.50 and they will add you daughters name.

and this zebra bucket is fun! It is $23.95 at Dilly Dallie

This blue bunny bucket is darling. It is $18.00 at DeLa Design.

For your train lover, found at Lily bella boutique

Isn't this fabric basket from Twenty Little Toes so sweet?

This one from Sassyfras Designz is beautifully hand painted

another sweet one from Sassyfras!

My favorite just might be these Market totes turned Easter baskets from Graysie Bugs! They are $21.99 and they can be used all year.  I also like that they are big enough to hold a lot of goodies!

What are you planning on filling your Easter baskets with this year? I need some good ideas!!


  1. Love all of those!! I LOVE the market totes! I use mine all the time (it came from Walmart). I never thought to use them for Easter baskets, though. All 3 of my kids have the traditional ones from Pottery Barn Kids. Love how sweet and simple they are and that their names are monogrammed on them. I am a sucker for monogramming. :) They have also held up GREAT for many years! :)

  2. adorable! we do love some easter baskets around here. and i might have bought an extra just in case someday far off we ever have #3 i'd be so sad if they didn't make a matching one anymore, haha.
    i like to fill them with bubbles, art supplies, spring pjs, flip-flops, etc.