Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rodeo Recap and The Cowgirl Dress you want

Last week my parents treated me, my babies, and my sweet, darling, precious nieces to a fun day at the rodeo. It was SO much fun. The weather was perfect, there were no lines, and the kids were in heaven.
I did what was expected, and upon learning of our rodeo day I began planning the kids outfits. I knew Dean would be rodeo perfection in his bunking bronco shirt from alacrity designs. I also knew he would be wearing his boots. Not so much because of the rodeo, but more because he wears them every. single. day. When I try to sneak his other shoes on him he shouts "No! Boots!!!" Good thing they are so cute, and I just love that he is SUCH a boy. Don't even get me started on Dean in nothing but a diaper and cowboy boots. LOVE.
Grace didn't have such a clear clothing choice on such short notice, but she did have these sassy pink cowboy boots. I thought they looked cute paired up with this pink tutu skirt and her "g" She She Made t-shirt. Just look at this child. It is a shame she doesn't feel comfortable in front of the camera.
I love this pic of Grace and my niece, Juliet. Grammy gave them these sweet piggy braids.
Grace loves her cousins so much. She told me this week that when she grows up she is going to be Scarlett. She also says that she, Scarlett, and Juliet are all three twins.
The kids farming/education area was so wonderful. It was worth the trip for this alone.
And Dean Jackson enjoyed taking it all in with his beloved Pops.
If you are having a hard time sleeping because you need the perfect rodeo attire for your children, I am here to help. You can find Dean's super soft  rodeo shirt at alacrity designs.
Here is a yellow initial shirt like Grace's from She She Made.
and here is one seriously cute rodeo dress for your little cowgirl. It is made by Janum and I love, love, really love it.
Thanks Grammy and Pops for the great day!!!


  1. thanks for the shout out :) deans looks dapper, as always (!) & i love what you pulled together for miss g - too cutie.

  2. Thank you for the Janum shout-out :)
    You have beautiful kids and lovely blog!