Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mommy is Tired

Tonight I am feeling a little brain dead. This is primarily due to my almost 2 year old son who did not nap today, who also is very much acting like an almost 2 year old. I'll just say getting him in and out of the car is draining me.

It. is. such. a. fight.

After getting him out of the car yesterday and then taking his screaming self into the grocery store he wiggled out of my arms, laid face first on the store floor and screamed. I caught the eye of a sweet woman ordering coffee and she sympathetically smiled at me. All I could think to say was (with a sigh) " he is going to be 2 on Friday". She just laughed and said "Oh baby, we have all been there".

Even though he makes me so tired, he melts me even more. He keeps telling me knock knock jokes that he is attempting to copy from his big sister, he tells me thank you 500 times a day, and he requests the "oh-oh I want some more" song every time we get in the car. The request is "mommy?, mommy? Uh-oh?"
I love him more than life.
Stay tuned for some super cute etsy purchases from his birthday party!

In the meantime I linked a couple cute Easter items below.

I love these matching shirts for your kids this Easter. You can find them at Fly Duds!

and this peeps shirt is just so sweet. I love it! It is made by Bridget and Co.

Grace would love this peeps necklace in her basket!

I hope you are all enjoying Spring Break!
I am very much looking forward to a glass of wine and some American Idol tonight :)

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  1. i feel your pain! i had to basically hog tie libbi this morning after bible study to get her in the car.... sure did make all those "feel-good-feelings" that I had after an hour with friends disappear real quick. ;)
    i just keep repeating "it will get better...." and i'm just praying it doesn't get worse before it gets better (like so many people LOVE to tell me - ha!)
    enjoy your wine and your american idol.... i'm having ice cream and watching Law and Order :)