Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Sassy Sparrow

Yesterday my sister jen introduced me to the ever so cute Sassy Sparrow Shop.

It is a place where you can find magical things like this gorgeous quilt

 where you can find an unpredictable baby gift like this quilted lovie

where you will feel the strong desire to purchase this owl pillow for the rocking chair in your son's nursery

and this owl pillow for the center of your daughters bed

 and where you will fall in love with this spring wreath for yourself

and a place where you can hold hands with your sister and declare, it is ok that we are not crafty. For we have etsy.


  1. Thank you so much! Wow, what a compliment! I so appreciate your kind words and the shout out here on your blog! please enjoy 15% off any order from the shop through August as a thank you from me!

  2. Love that quilt! Wish they made it in a bigger size for the girls beds. :)