Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Life is Surrounded by Cuteness

Lately I have been feeling so THANKFUL for the little joys that fill my everyday. It is in the little finding matchbox cars in my shoes, showering in a shower covered in foam letters and numbers, a bedside table that holds a video monitor with a picture of my sleeping son.
I am doing what I dreamed of doing as a little girl. I am a mommy. Sometimes Often I am exhausted. Sometimes I am overwhelmed.
But I am thankful. I am living my dream.

My days are filled with super heroes. Dean is constantly fighting the bad guys,Yoda, Anakin, or Captain Hook.

I get to kiss my little ones all day, as much as I want. This photo was taken by miss Grace Parker.

Every night Jeremy puts Grace down for bed. Here he had just returned from a hunting trip. You can't tell because of my flash, but  they are reading in a dark room with the cap light on Jeremy's hat. This girl loves her daddy.
                              Be still my heart.

My Dean buddy has really started to cheese it up for the camera. We have a photo shoot coming up for the kids....should be entertaining :)

We are missing our sweet friends , but thankful we had a fun day at the pumpkin patch with these little ones before they left.

          My sweet girl. She loves all things princess and her days are filled with dresses, glass slippers, costumes, twirling, and a general fairy tail outlook on life.

Thankful for beautiful weather and picnic lunches outside with these guys

My boys. LOVE them both so much. My children totally lucked out with Jeremy for a daddy. They have so much respect for him, and he is absolutely their favorite playmate. He is just a big kid.

and miss Grace Parker. This girl knows how to pose for the camera.

We have been taking a lot of joy rides in the princess cruiser.

umm.......yes. My kids have serious personality.

      This picture kills me. Look at her face!
           See? Seriously knows how to work a camera.

                  We had a FUN day yesterday at Dewberry Farm! The kids had a blast. There is so much to do there, I don't think we even covered half of the activities.

I guess this is all just to say, that even though my days can be draining, and sometimes I feel like I can't balance it all and I am falling short of my own expectations, at the end of the day I am still surrounded by joy, blessings, and purpose. I am doing what I have always wanted to do....and it is even better then I had imagined. I mean....I couldn't have thought up this extreme level of cute :)

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