Friday, May 27, 2011

Flower Girl

Grace is going to be a flower girl this fall in my sister-in-laws wedding. I am certain she will look stunning and I am certain she will be giving us a run for our money. This sweet girl is FULL of personality.

Here is her way too big and not ironed dress. I am waiting to have it tailored closer to the wedding date.  It is ivory, it "stands up" (grace's term for twirly) and she loves, loves, loves it.

I am not sure if we will do her hair up, or down. But, either way I need something pretty for her hair.
Here are some options. Opinions please!

                                  headband from Glowing Girl

                       this one is from All Of You

this one can be made with two ivory flowers, instead of the green. It is from RoseBud Lips

                                 The one below is from Misun Bridal

This is the Chandra bow from Bitty Bows Boutique. It is shown in light pink here, but it comes in ivory.
p.s.- bitty bows boutique is the best, best, best place to get infant hair bows that won't fall out. They really snap and stay on with just a tiny bit of fuzz. Grace was wearing their bows since she was at the hospital) :)

this is a close up of the same chandra bow

and last, this is the Sally headband from Bitty Bows Boutique.

Do these skinny headbands stay in your girls' hair? Grace has never worn one before.

You can see they are all lovely and all somewhat similar. So, someone tell me what to buy!!!
For real.


  1. LOVE!!! Lily was a flower girl once. I would definitely use something that stays "put" in her hair. Something you can bobby pin or has elastic or a barrett attached to it. We practiced with a normal head band, and it kept sliding down. I just knew that by the time she would have made it to the end of the aisle, her hair would be all in her face for pics. And, we couldn't have that, could we?! Ha!

    Here are some pics of it on my blog...

  2. I like either the one from Misun Bridal or the one one from Rosebud Lips the best, but you're right, they are all so pretty! It's very hard to decide! I think everything looks wonderful on your beautiful girl. Good luck!

  3. i saw misun one or rosebud lips & i think rosebud is my fav! she will look like the belle of the ball either way :)