Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cell Phone Photo Dump

Here is a little love from my cell phone camera

This is Grace getting ready to head out for her first day at Disney World. She had no clue what fun was ahead!

                     and my sweet Dean Jackson! Cheese!

                       I love this picture of Dean at Hollywood Studios

           It is so hot here now, so the mall has been a fun, air conditioned outing for us the last couple weeks. They are so big, I now have the option of leaving the ever so large double stroller in the trunk. Here they are, holding hands in the mall.

                  my big 4 year old

              This was taken last weekend at my sister's house. Grace and her cousins tried on dozens of costumes. Here we have Wendy, Minnie Mouse, and Madeline.

      back at the mall, Dean is loving the Carousel!

 At Target last week, Grace saw these Disney barbies and just had to have them. You see, Ariel is not always wearing a dress, and Jasmine is usually in pants. In this case they are both in "stand up dresses" and that my friends, is truly something special. I had already told her she wasn't getting anything and I was not going to back down. I told her she could save her money and we could take a picture of them so she could show daddy. I took this at the store and she just sat in her carseat, staring at this picture with tears rolling down her face. "Mommy! What if they are chosen by another girl!!!". It was sad, cute, and a bit funny. Later we counted money from her piggy bank and we now own these princesses.

For more summer air conditioned fun we have been visiting movie theaters for their $1.00 kid summer shows. Here we are with two of her besties to see The Pirates Who Don't do Anything.

Clown Grace at Scarlett and Juliet's Cirque Du Soleil gymnastics party

and then there is this. Dean plays on my phone. a lot. He somehow captured this photo of Santa, Tom cat, and T-rex, typed some mumbo on it (including the name Megan), and saved it to my phone. I just came upon this beauty.

This is Dean smiling for the camera. Love it! "cheeeeeeeeeeese"

I work from home, which is a HUGE blessing, but can also be challenging to say the least. I put on a movie last week so I could get some things done on the computer, and I could not believe how good and quiet my little man was being. I went to check on him and this is what I found.

Hope you all are having a happy weekend!!!

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