Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

Our little family had a great weekend at the Hyatt Hill Country resort!

                                      We dined

                   we swam and took many laps around the lazy river

 we bought mommy new sunglasses. we let dean wear the sunglasses.
                  we lost the sunglasses 10 minutes after the purchase

          we sipped mixed drinks by the pool

                              we dined some more

                    some of us played with our food

                          we played on the playground

                we made s'mores by the fire

         and we swam some more!

Jeremy recently introduced our kids to Davy Crockett. Grace calls him "Davy The Crockett", they LOVE Davy the Crockett.  As soon as they became aware that "Davy the Crockett's fort" was near the hotel they were talking non stop about a trip to the Alamo. Not going was not an option. No choice, they were serious about it. Dean talked about wanting to give Davy Crockett a high-five. He didn't quite understand that The Crockett would not be present. We woke up on Father's Day and headed to the Alamo, where both kids got a coon skin hat.

            Grace was pouting in this picture because she was denied ice cream. 

                                  headed home!

Happy Fathers Day Jeremy! Thanks for taking such great care of us. You are so loved!!!!

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  1. you denied that poor baby ice cream???!
    glad you guys had such a good weekend. i love the pictures! & what a daddy to spend his day @ the alamo with davy the crockett!! heehee :)