Thursday, June 30, 2011

This Week in Cell Phone Pics

Here is some recent lovelies from my cell phone.

We recently started Dean is a SoccerTots program. He loves it! It helps with his coordination, but he really is benefiting from the socialization and learning to follow instructions. I love this pic. They were supposed so jump over the noodles in this exercise. My little man just decided to use the noodle as a sword. A second before this pic was taken he hit Jeremy with the noodle and said "Aye-ya!"

my babies....Dean is just beginning to ham it up for the camera.

Dean got a haircut last week. He sat in this car chair and said "I Handsome"

here is another beauty that Dean somehow created, and then saved to my cell phone. I always come across these. 

My dad got back from a long business trip to China last week and I am in love with the silky china p.j.'s he brought back for the kids. They love them too. Dean's have a dragon on them, which he is slightly excited about!

             Here is another piece of work by Dean Jackson. 

A couple days ago I braved the extreme heat and took my littles to get a snow cone. I have a feeling we will be back there often in the coming weeks.

My parents bought Dean these new boots and I believe his life is now complete. :)

I love him so much. So, so much.

My pretty girl trying on some accessories while we shopped.
I'll be back with more etsy finds tomorrow! Night night!

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