Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Boys Turn!

I am picky about Dean's clothes. Generally, I don't like him wearing excessive characters or anything really animal theme or cartoon-ish. (for some reason this holds true for everything but monkeys. I struggle to resist  little monkey things on Dean. Why is this? I have no idea).
For the most part, I basically like him dressed as a mini-Jeremy whenever possible.

That's why I like this simple jacket from gymboree

I love the fuzzy lining of this cute Crazy 8 coat

This coat is SO, super cute. I love this James Dean style for my little Dean. However, I do wish it was not $50.00.

Ok, so maybe Dean doesn't have to always dress like mini Jeremy. I love this sweet bear coat and I am pretty certain Jeremy would not work so well in this get-up.

This just might be my favorite. I do believe I will web-stalk it until it goes on sale.

Now, I just need my kids to manage in their way too small coats until Christmas. :)

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  1. We DON"T do animal or characters, either! So glad you understand this. Many of my friends do not! :) But, Cash LOVES Elmo! So, an Elmo party is what he's getting for his 2nd bday. YES, we are ALL wearing character shirts from Seaseme Street. Ha!