Friday, November 19, 2010

Matilda Jane

I am slow. I only discovered Matilda Jane this season. I was unaware of this fabulous girls clothing line and the thousands of moms who are die-hard loyal fans. This stuff is gorgeous. Let's just say, if Grace was on the Suri  Cruise budget she would be outfitted in Matilda Jane daily.

                                                    Here are a few of her fabulous designs.

and now for my sweet and sassy little model. Here is my Grace Parker in her first, and not last, Matilda Jane.

go, shop, and enjoy. If you want to make a purchase, you will need to locate a trunk keeper in your area!


  1. Beautiful girl! Even her headband is pretty. I LOVE your new blog!

  2. I am a little obsessed with Matilda Jane too!! My child may or may not wear more MJ than SheShe Made. I just love it!

  3. LOVE me some MJ! Let me know if you are ever going to a trunk party. Would love to tag along! Loved, loved, loved seeing you the other night! Must do that more often!!!