Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I plan on purchasing both my babies some soft, warm slippers for Christmas. I got this idea, and of course, went directly to etsy. These are called shoopers and i love them.

                                            possibilities for Grace include these glam slippers

                                       or these princess slippers that i know she would just love

These slippers caught my eye and they are named Grace :)

                                                      Aren't these satin ones sweet?

                 They have a ton of boy slippers too. Characters aren't always my thing, but Dean would love these buzz ones!

                                    But I really heart this brown corduroy pair

                                        so sweet!

They can all be found here!
They are sized from newborn to size 10 and most of them are $14.00!


  1. jax! LOVE! what a great idea to do slippers for christmas!! & $14 is such a GREAT price - especially for something handmade & will last for awhile.
    i'm adding this to my list...

  2. Yes please for the SQ's! So cute! I can see Matteo totally wearing them this Christmas! LOVE the blog btw!