Thursday, November 11, 2010

Life is Good

I recently decided that when Dean is just a bit bigger he must own some Life is Good shirts. They are so outdoorsy and boyish. (those are real words, right?)

Most of the signature Life is Good shirts start in size 2-3 toddler, so i think they would swallow Dean right now. So, maybe next year my little monkey could own this cute, casual monkey tee.
Dean's daddy loves to fish. I think he would approve this purchase.
Dean's daddy also loves hockey. I think he would approve this too....
My son loves, loves, loves music. I don't know if this "I like music" statement holds near enough passion.

Now, we just need a life is good hiking, backpacking, and bird hunting shirt for Dean to cover all of Jeremy's favorite recreational activities! Oh, how I love my boys!!

1 comment:

  1. that monkey shirt is too cute!! i really like the guitar one, though - naturally :)