Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Boy Hats

I love my little man in a baseball hat. Well, really any hat. His current cap is getting a little small, so I paid a visit to babygap.com to check out what they have right now in the hat department. What they have is cute....very cute.
             This military hat is edgy and boyish I love it! ($16.95)
                        ummm....yes, please.  The Driver Cap is $14.95.
                        I think Dean needs this Camo hat. ($14.95)
 This Arch Logo Hat is similar to the hat Dean has now. It is simple and cute. You can't go wrong. ($12.95)
And to end with a touch of flair, I give you the baby Straw Fedora. I want a picture of Dean shirtless, wearing some sort of cute plaid bathing suit, and this hat. It is $18.95 and would make such a cute boy photo prop!

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