Sunday, February 6, 2011

Grace's 3rd Birthday

We had Grace's 3rd Birthday at Gymboree and it was SO fun! It was totally worth the expense, the kids had a blast and it was way easier on me than having her party at home. We did another little princess theme, (yes, 2 years in a row) although we didn't do too much. I found some adorable princess party goods at Ciao Bambino on etsy.
I purchased these cupcake toppers and you can choose the hair color of your princess.

Here is a better example of the cupcake toppers

You can see I used the same round top collection castle she had at her 2nd birthday party. It is just a great piece!

      I bought the cute favor bags at Hobby Lobby and filled them with princess crayons, princess fruit snacks, jewelry and a feather boa for the girls. The boys got these bubble "swords" that I found at walmart for a lovely $1.00 each! The tags were adorable and also from Ciao Bambino.
             Here is a more clear example of similar favor tags

      My little birthday princess blowing out the candles on the giant, adorable cupcake her Pops made her!
                                        Party Friends!              
               Grace's party outfit was made by She She Made and I LOVE it. Is is made so well and it wasn't too birthday-ish, so Grace has been able to wear it over and over again.

Her invitations from Ciao Bambino looked very similar to this.
After gymboree we went back home with family to open presents. While we were there a little someone stopped by the house named Cinderella. It was PERFECT!
Grace will soon be four. I can't believe it. I have always felt that 3 is still holding on to baby, but 4 is a little kid. I love this line I read on the Baby Bangs blog this week....
"Don't you wish you could go back and experience the birth of your children with your heart full of everything you know and love about them now? I suppose it would be too much joy for the human heart to bear."
Oh, how I love and adore my sweet Grace Parker!

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