Sunday, February 27, 2011

Much Ado About Swimming

The weather is beautiful in Houston right now. It has got me thinking about watermelon days with my half dressed kids on the driveway, popsicles, and of course, cute bathing suits!

                I love this yellow polka dot bikini from gymboree
   There is something about this blue bathing suit that I just adore! This is one of my top picks for Grace!

                I love this elephant! Another top pick!

        cutie pie polka dots!

I think these just might be my favorite swim trunks for Dean. You can find them at Crazy 8!
                   Simple Sharks

                          This gap suit is C.U.T.E.

                 I like these guitars for my little man

         Mad for plaid!

Get ready to swoon over the girls Janie and Jack swim styles!

                       so cute, right?

                      This red suit is gorgeous.

                  with a matching swim cap?! omg....
                  The Rosette Skirted Bikini is a favorite
                  Glamor Navy

and a little something cute for the boys :)

My kids are going to be ever so cute. I, however, will be hiding myself under some highly fashionable large beach towel. Suit shopping for my kids? Fun! Suit shopping for me? sad...very, very sad!

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  1. ha! you know i agree! i'm all about the tankini + skirt + a lot of sucking in :) i pick the baby blue for grace - i think it would look so good on her! & i have a handmedown swim cap just like that! when i saw it, i LOVED it. the only problem was we ended up getting it in october & it'll be too small by this summer. might have to get another one!