Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Can't Stop Searching For Disney Shirts

I am sorry I am back again with MORE disney clothes. I am slightly excited to witness my children in this magical land. I cannot get us there any faster, but I can shop, and that is something!

This is the new buzz shirt from baby gap. I know a little boy that would be a fan :)

                     Look how cute the back is!

I really triple heart this minnie mouse shirt for grace. You can find it at My Little Legacies

                   Very cute plaid mickey from Peyton Laine Designs

  Hi. I love animal print, and I love this shirt from Tator Tots Boutique! Perfect for Animal Kingdom Day!

                    Bella Grace Creations makes this sweet Tinkerbell set

             and look at the cute Cinderella set!

                    And these shirts from Sew Cute Creations are just classic :)

I think I am a little excited about this trip. OK, a lot excited.


  1. Jaclyn,

    I found quite a bit of Disney shirts at Target the other day and thought of you...Let me know how Mr. Dean does. I am trying to convince Paul that Luke is old enough to take.


  2. I think you should order all the Disney clothes you want...