Monday, February 14, 2011

A Sample of my Current Etsy Favs

Here are a few random lovelies that are found in my current etsy favorites!

                      Stationary for my little man

                          and my little princess

                 Brother sister Easter shirts from Dream a Little Dream

                        Gorgeous headband from Misun Bridal

                        adorable outfit from Momi Boutique

                          Bunny Love!

                     Etch a Sketch graffic t

                     Fun Nursery Art!
Right now I have 13 pages of etsy favorites, this is just a sampling. Maybe this is the valentine I should have purchased for Jeremy to really make him understand how truly crazy I am about him :)

                   and that, my friends, is a lot.


  1. OH!!!!! I LOVE that Momi Boutique outfit! AHHHHHH!!!! But, I would have to buy two!! Think Conn would notice? Ha! :)

  2. Very cute selections! Thanks for including my stationery!

  3. Cute cute stuff!!

    Thanks for the sweet comment on Manny's card. I got them printed at Black R.iver Imaging - not the easiest site to navigate, but the product is amazing and at a great price! Let me know if you have any questions. :)