Monday, January 17, 2011

All Grown Up

Tomorrow I am turning 30. This is weird to me. Yes, I have been married for many years, we have purchased two homes, I color my gray, and I am a mother to two children; but somehow 30 makes me feel like I am all grown up. I do love that occasionally a sales person at the door will ask if my mother is home. I have to admit, that helps.
For my birthday, my grace parker informed her daddy that she wanted to make me a necklace. Jeremy, so sweetly, took grace to the craft store and let her pick out any beads she wanted for me. They made this together, and gave it to me last night at a birthday dinner I had with my family. I must say, Jeremy designed this quite well with his given materials, and I love that Grace picked the beads herself. This is definitely something I will be keeping forever!
Tomorrow I have an excellent birthday


  1. Watching her give you that necklace was such a precious moment... she was so excited. I love you, my sister. Happy Birthday :)

  2. happy birthday to you!!!
    what a precious gift.

  3. Precious memory! Hope you had a wonderful day! :)

  4. so cute!! what a sweet gift :) that would be really cute with a plain white button down & jeans!