Friday, January 7, 2011

Minnie Mouse Cuteness

It is happening. We are going with my parents to Disney World. I am beside myself! My little princess will be spending her fourth birthday dining with the Disney Princesses, yes, the ladies she talks and dreams of every day, all day. My son will be seeing Buzz. Oh, how he loves his Buzz. I adore how when he sees any Buzz Lightyear product he throws his arms straight up in the air and says "zoom!". I am excited. Seriously excited.
When I learned our trip was not just a dream, but a reality, I immediately began online shopping. Like I had a choice, right? Minnie Mouse dresses are a must for us, and I fell in love with these from Lil' Bug.


Her minnie mouse line is HUGE and oh so very cute. Shop Lil' Big Minnie Mouse here!

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