Thursday, January 27, 2011

Allergy Stickers

Last year we had quite the allergy scare with miss Grace Parker. She was outside at my parent's house when she found her way into a fire ant pile. My parents immediately brushed them off of her, and even put her legs in the pool, but she was already covered in bites and started to break out in hives. My parents just happened to have children's benedryl in their cabinet (something I did not even have at home) and they gave it to her right away. This would be the thing that probably saved her. She continued to turn red all over so my parents headed to the ER and I was in quickly in my car headed to meet them there.
In the car Grace's mouth began to swell, she was drooling, and having a hard time forming words. We began to realize that we should have called an ambulance. My parents were amazing and got her to the hospital as quickly as possible.
The ER doctor said the benadryl probably saved her life. She was so red that another patient thought we must have been bringing her in for a severe sunburn.
She received a steriod shot, was monitored, and soon sent home with a couple of perscriptions and an epi pen. 
Following this event I immediately bought childrens benadryl for my home and purse. You can even buy it in a pre-measured spoon which is so convenient to carry in your bag. Even if your child has no known allergies (i certainly did not know Grace had this problem with ants), it is such a good idea to have childrens benadryl in your home.
I also began to worry...a lot. What about the playground at school? How will her teachers know and remember to look out for this? I informed them of her allergy, and they made notes in her file. I still wanted something a little more in their face though. Not so "out of site, out of mind". So, i was thrilled when I found these allergy stickers on etsy. I put a cute "I'm allergic to ants" sticker on her backpack, where her teacher will see and be reminded every day. I also gave a couple extra to her teacher to place in her cubby, or anywhere else that would be helpful. I think these stickers would also be good to put on your child's shirt on a field trip day, or whatever. This shop can custom make the sticker for whatever need you have.
And look! They are cute!

You can find them at Delight Design Biz and they are only $5.95 a sheet!

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  1. you always come across the cutest things!
    i'm bookmarking these for my little milk allergic munchkin.
    i'm SO thankful grace was okay!