Monday, January 10, 2011

Little Bunny TuTu's

         Little Bunny Tutu's took Grace's less than exciting gymnastics attire from this:
                                    To This!!!!
Try to tell me that is not adorable. Seriously.
You can see the Little Bunny TuTu Bunny Legs collection here!


  1. yes, do stop it.
    right now.

    too much.
    i'm on "grace is so stinkin cute, i really CANNOT handle it." overload. must go.

  2. Jaclyn,
    Came here via Jen's facebook. I agree.
    Stop it. :)
    She is too stinkin' adorable and full of personality!

  3. I love those leggings!! I do agree Grace is too much....adorable that is!!!