Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random Shirts for your Boy!

I have my eye on this shirt for Dean to wear to Disney World. Finding disney stuff for Grace is dangerously easy. Dean? Not so much! I love how this says"moms love me", and I also love that it is kind of retro-ish. You can find it at Old Navy.

               If I could justify buying a couple unnecessary shirts for Dean right now, I would definitely be all about these two shirts from baby gap. I love little man shirts.
                                          For real. 
                            This shirt from Crazy 8 is just plain cute.
    Speaking of Crazy 8, Dean's aunts stocked him up on some seriously cute shirts from there for Christmas and they are all on sale now.
             He is so cute in this robot t.
                 and this flannel is sooooo cute on him. LOVE!
  Certain mornings I just know it is going to be a meltdown sort of day, and I of course now dress him appropriately.
                     I adore Dean's Pure Muscle shirt :)
See? Boy clothes are fun too! :)


  1. Love all these! Espesh the respect you mother one! Yes!

  2. Oh I love these shirts! If I ever have a boy I will be definitely be looking back at these posts to get some cute ideas from you!
    Did you see the giveaway on my blog? Go enter to win a $50 gift certificate! :)

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